Adult Ballet

Adult Ballet is designed to introduce the principles of classical ballet to adults whose previous training was limited to a childhood experience or who always dreamed of studying ballet and never had the opportunity. The class includes learning the basic barre sequences to warm the body up, center work, which includes selected repetition of barre steps that help the student to learn balance, transference of weight and port de bras.

Class also includes stretches and the faculty adjusts for differing levels of flexibility and strength. Class ends with petite allegro and grand allegro and the students have the opportunity to learn combinations of movements, artistic use of the upper body, head and arms and using the music to inspire dancing in the space provided. Adult students are treated with respect and given positive and constructive corrections that help guide them to perform with a professional understanding of the artistic potential of dancing. Adult students who wish to perform are encouraged to participate in the school's public performances such as Nutcracker. 

Class Schedule