Nutcracker Story by E.T.A. Hoffman

Prologue: Herr Drosselmeyer’s Workshop

The magical story of the Nutcracker begins on Christmas Eve, 1892, in Frankfurt, Germany. Herr Drosselmeyer, an eccentric inventor, and his nephew put the finishing touches on toys. The toys are surprises for the guests at the Stahlbaum’s Christmas party. Drosselmeyer throws his cape around his shoulders, picks up a large red box containing a surprise gift for his goddaughter Clara, and leaves for the celebration.

Drosselmeyer: Troy Reamsynder
Nephew: Caedmon Higgins
Dolls: Gwyneth Higgins & Beata Higgins

Act I, Scene I (The Party)

The Stahlbaum’s house is filled with relatives and family friends. The children play while the adults chat. Gifts are opened, but there does not seem to be any gift for Clara. Dr. Stahlbaum knows that Clara’s godfather is bringing her a special gift and consoles her by allowing her to light the candles on the Christmas tree. There is dancing and much merriment. Amid all the excitement, Drosselmeyer and his nephew arrive.

Drosselmeyer presents Clara with a strange wooden Nutcracker that enchants her. She proudly shows it off to her cousins, but they turn up their noses at such an ugly gift. Fritz, jealous of the strange present, steals his little sister’s mouse and attacks Clara’s Nutcracker. Drosselmeyer stops the fight and settles the children down with a magical treat: life-size dolls that dance. Clara asks her godfather if her Nutcracker could dance like the Siamese Warrior. Drosselmeyer tells her that if she believes and sees with the eyes of her heart anything can happen.

Clara happily dances with the Nutcracker until Fritz snatches him and snaps his neck. Clara is heartbroken until Drosselmeyer wraps a bright red scarf around his wound. Clara rocks her Christmas treasure in her arms until Fritz noisily leads all his friends in a mock sword battle. The naughty boys are sent to bed. Drosselmeyer asks Clara to dance with him. All of the parents join him in one final dance before saying good night. At the end of the dance Clara finds herself dancing not with her godfather, but with his nephew.

Reluctantly, Clara bids her parents good night and leaves her Nutcracker sleeping beneath the Christmas tree. Drosselmeyer silently returns and wraps him within the magic folds of his black cape, preparing him for the long night’s journey.

Dr. Stahlbaum: Daniel Johnson
Mrs. Stahlbaum: Michelle Kuusela
Clara: Anna Honsinger
Fritz: Declan Andringa
Peter: Julian Brice
Anya: Tirienne Higgins
Clara’s Cousins: Greta Walker & Yara Hemadeh
Clara’s Friends: Beata Higgins, Breslyn Vermillion, Brooke Sherman, Elena Muhari, Mila Eiland, Raleigh Rooth, Savannah Heath, Sunny Highshaw, Valerie Brice, Zuri Jenkins
Brother -in- Law: Jalen Williams
Governess: Jackie Martynow
Housekeeper: Gwendolyn Connors
Drosselmeyer: Troy Reamsnyder
Nephew: Caedmon Higgins
Grandpa: Suzanne Pomerantzeff
Siamese Warrior: Jalen Williams
Dolls: Gwyneth Higgins & Beata Higgins
Sugar Plum Fairy: Mackenzie McLean
Dancing Party Girls: Annie Cabral, Ariella Davis, Coco Bryan, Ella Borton, Izabella Johnson, Lillian Stephenson, Olivia Mantilla, Zoey Contreras, Amelia Diehl, Tirienne Higgins
Acting Party Girls: Violet Hendry, Maggie Hendry, Alice LaVenture, Audrey Stephenson
Party Boys: Michael Davis, Roger Rooth, John Brown
Party Parents: Katie Eiland & Andrew Eiland, Mattie Higgins & Hugh Higgins, Mackenzie Johnson & JJ Johnson, Melinda Roskos & Joe Poole

Act I, Scene II (The Battle)

Drosselmeyer casts a spell on the toys left in the drawing-room. Toy soldiers march up the stairs, and baby mice climb out of the basement. Clara sneaks out of her room to get her Nutcracker, but he is nowhere. Lights flicker, the clock chimes, and Clara is trapped, unable to move. Herr Drosselmeyer stands in front of the Christmas tree, holding her Nutcracker. The mice begin to fight the soldiers. Clara can’t stop them. Frightened, she faints on the couch and dreams. In her dream, the Sugar Plum Fairy weaves a magic spell around her, and Clara feels herself getting smaller. Drosselmeyer makes the Mouse King and the Nutcracker come alive. The two begin to fight. The Mouse King is winning. The Nutcracker is knocked unconscious. Clara kneels down beside him, but can’t wake him. She takes off her shoe and throws it at the Mouse King. Burying her face in her hands, she is unaware that her act of bravery and love has allowed the Nutcracker to slay the Mouse King.

Clara: Anna Honsinger
Drosselmeyer: Troy Reamsnyder
Sugar Plum Fairy: Mackenzie McLean
Battle Waltz: Ruthie Hernandez, Gwyneth Higgins, Reese Honsinger, Clare Gramlich, Paloma Ruan, Valerie Brice
Baby Soldiers: Violet Hendry, Madeleine Bouchard, Alice Laventure, Cameron Florido, Heidi Dozark, Tirienne Higgins, Artemis Emmert, Adeline O’Brien, Emily Seixas, John Brown
Baby Mice: Ashley Hazners, Roger Rooth, Aurora Emmert, Maggie Hendry, Ellis Lenhardt, Rosie Bouchard, Nora Mantilla, Audrey Stephenson, Julianne Gramlich, Michael Davis
Nutcracker Prince: Caedmon Higgins
Soldiers: Brooke Sherman, Raleigh Rooth, Savannah Heath, Declan Andringa, Mila Eiland, Yara Hemadeh, Beata Higgins, Sunny Highshaw
Mouse King: Gwendolyn Connors
Mice: Zuri Jenkins, Amy Louise Davis, Raegan Rooth, Julian Brice, Mackenzie Johnson, Ana Verano, Sloane Perler, Lyla Notchick


Act I, Scene III (Kingdom Of Snow)

Clara’s drawing-room disappears, and the walls are replaced with a snowy forest. Clara has broken the spell that imprisoned Drosselmeyer’s nephew in the wooden body of the Nutcracker. Drosselmeyer awakens him. The Nutcracker Prince thanks Clara, and with Drosselmeyer as his guide, leads her through the Snow Forest on the way to the Land of Sweets.

Snow Queen: Delilah Kuusela
Snow King: Daniel Johnson
Snowflakes: Jackie Martynow, Kayla Steh, Lauren Smalling, Mackenzie Johnson, Gwendolyn Connors, Ana Verano, Sloane Perler, Lyla Notchick
Clara: Anna Honsinger
Nutcracker Prince: Caedmon Higgins
Drosselmeyer: Troy Reamsnyder

Intermission ~

Act II (Land Of Sweets)

The Sugar Plum Fairy and her Cavalier, the Angels, and the Maidens of the Land welcome Clara to the Land of Sweets, where it is always springtime. The Sugar Plum Fairy calls her subjects to a special celebration of lively dances from around the world. Clara laughs in delight as the dancers leap and twirl in the air. It is so hard just to sit and watch! In awe, Clara watches as the Sugar Plum Fairy and her Cavalier dance a beautiful Pas de Deux. It makes her remember how elegant she felt when she danced with her Nutcracker Prince in the snow. Oh, how she hopes this night lasts forever. But it will soon be Christmas morning. The beautiful dancers gather and bid Clara a fond farewell as her godfather, Herr Drosselmeyer, leads her home.

Sugar Plum Fairy: Mackenzie McLean
Cavalier: Jalen Williams
Clara: Anna Honsinger
Nutcracker Prince: Caedmon Higgins
Sugar Rose: Jackie Martynow
Opening of Act II with Sugar Rose: Delilah Kuusela & Lauren Smalling
Maidens: Annie Cabral, Ariella Davis, Coco Bryan, Ella Borton, Izabella Johnson, Lillian Stephenson, Olivia Mantilla, Zoey Contreras, Amelia Diehl, Elena Muhari
Angels: Maggie Hendry, Aurora Emmert, Ellis Lenhardt, Ashley Hazners, Nora Mantilla
Spanish Pas: Kayla Steh & Daniel Johnson
Spanish Corps: Paloma Ruan, Ruthie Hernandez, Clare Gramlich, Reese Honsinger
Arabian: Lauren Smalling & Daniel Johnson
Lead Reed Pipe: Mackenzie Johnson
Reed Pipes Corps: Ana Verano, Sloane Perler, Gwendolyn Connors, Raegan Rooth, Amy Louise Davis, Gwyneth Higgins
Chinese: Beata Higgins, Mila Eiland, Valerie Brice, Greta Walker, Yara Hemadeh, Breslyn Vermillion
Waltz of the Flowers: Delilah Kuusela, Lauren Smalling, Kayla Steh, Mackenzie Johnson, Ana Verano, Sloane Perler, Gwendolyn Connors, Amy Louise Davis, Lyla Notchick, Raegan Rooth
Trepak: Brooke Sherman, Elena Muhari, Raleigh Rooth, Zuri Jenkins, Savannah Heath, Yara Hemadeh, Breslyn Vermillion, Valerie Brice, Greta Walker, Declan Andringa, Julian Brice, Sunny Highshaw, Mila Eiland
Buffoons: Violet Hendry, Madeleine Bouchard, Alice LaVenture, Cameron Florido, Heidi Dozark, Tirienne Higgins, Artemis Emmert, Emily Seixas, Adeline O'Brien, Julianne Gramlich
Grand Pas: Mackenzie McLean & Jalen Williams
Finale: All of Act II