Somatic Instructor - Noa Spector-Flock

Somatic Instructor

Noa Spector-Flock is a LMT and hold a Master degree in Education. Noa taught movement, wellness and injury prevention at the University of South Florida, at St. Petersburg College and in the Dance Department of Gibbs High School. In 2017  awarded a Fulbright grant as a specialist.

Noa has a private practice for muscle therapy and movement education since 1982 working on injuries and alignment issues.

About the work -

Based on anatomy, I utilized principles emphasizing awareness of body movement. Back in the early 90’s I created an exercise program which views the body as a whole. In this way of work we integrate body parts to create harmony & fluent movement, emphasizing core strength and movement as well as dynamic posture.The exercise program teaches how to strengthen the body by contracting specific muscles while lengthening them, (eccentric contraction) using the elastic Thera-Band® that is favored by physical therapists.

My main purpose in this work, is to create an understanding of how to develop an “intelligent” body through proper breathing, posture, and the right exercise attitude. I hope to achieve this by emphasizing where to initiate the movement, and how to develop the exercise into an efficient movement that uses the correct muscles with the right amount of tension in them.

My main goal is to create strength and length in the body equally, so that both qualities support and balance each other. More than that, my vision is that the body will then be integrate efficiency and harmony in its movement. This is why I chose exercises involving muscle groups and integrating areas.

I have constructed the exercises so that they reach and work the muscles from different angles.

Books and DVD

  1. Get Stronger by Stretching for dancers and others Ebook with links to DVD (click here for Amazon link)
  2. For Ever Fit; For Mature People and Beyond Book and DVD (click here for Amazon link)
  3. Towards Perfect Turn Out (dancers) DVD

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