Jazz is offered to older students placed in advanced levels in ballet only. This class is a combination of jazz technique, commercial jazz, and contemporary / modern styles. This is a fast-paced class designed to push the advanced dancer athletically, with a strong emphasis on proper technique and safe execution. Each class consists of isolations, conditioning (geared towards a strong core, building strength in areas that will most benefit students in all dance styles), stretching, and movement combinations across the floor, (turns, leaps, extension, etc.). Most classes include a long combination at the end of class to explore and develop jazz and contemporary styles. 


Class Schedule

Attendance Policy

Parents and students are encouraged to avoid making appointments during class time. Students who miss class regularly will be moved into a lower class level in order to maintain the integrity of each class’s curriculum. Parents must notify the Academy if their child is going to be absent. Students are encouraged to make-up all missed classes as quickly as possible.

Tuition Policy

The class terms at the Academy are August thru July. Meaning, classes begin in mid-August of one year and end in July of the next year. Tuition at the Academy is based on a single amount divided into twelve monthly payments. Tuition is due by the tenth of each month. A late fee of $10 is expected for payments received after the tenth of each month. Tuition is not reduced to reflect missed classes due to illness, work schedules, vacations, or holidays. Make-up classes can be arranged with the teacher. Adjustments will be made for summer vacations if the Academy is notified in writing beforehand. 

A student is considered enrolled in a class until the Academy is notified in writing that the student will not be returning. This policy permits the Academy to keep the enrollment in each level from exceeding the limit established by the Directors to maintain professional standards. Tuition is due until written notification is received. Notifications can be mailed to info.aba.fl@gmail.com.